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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Our comprehensive Cybersecurity risk assessment is for organizations looking to gain visibility into the Cybersecurity-related risks in their IT environment. This comprehensive evaluation provides an insight into the overall security posture of an organization and encompasses a number of other services provided by CITSAP such as Governance, Vulnerability, Application Security, Infrastructure Assessments etc.

Executing a Cybersecurity risk assessment is a foundational requirement in the establishment of an effective cybersecurity program. This review provides more visibility into the nature and types of risks faced by the Organization through an assessment of the processes, systems and technology used by the company in order to develop a prioritized plan for remediation and alignment of the IT objectives with the Organization’s goals.

Cloud Security Risk Assessments

Leveraging Industry Standards and Frameworks, we evaluate our client’s risk and adequacy of controls with the use and adoption of cloud computing services.

Third-Party Risk Assessment

Vendors continue to pose a high risk to data security and operational resilience, as such, the goal of this program is to implement or evaluate your framework around 3rd party risk identification, assessment, remediation, and periodic monitoring.

Web Application Security Assessment and Penetration Testing

Our team can provide the needed expertise to help you identify potential security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by adversaries to gain unauthorized access to your web applications, and highlight recommendations for remediating identified gaps.

In the last few decades, externally facing web applications have become a primary channel that organizations use toexecute their day-to-day operations and interface with their clients, customers, business partners etc. Similarly, this gateway is also targeted by the bad actors as a point of unauthorized entry into the corporate network for data exfiltration purposes and other nefarious activities. Most organizations have poorly implemented security controls over their web applications, which makes it easy for attackers to exploit identified vulnerabilities. Consequently, a web application security assessment and penetration testing is necessary to help identify such vulnerabilities.

The assessment is performed against several best practices including the OWASP Top 10 security risks such as Cross-site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, Broken Authentication and Session Management, Insecure Direct Object References, Cross-site Request Forgery, Security Misconfiguration, etc.

Infrastructure Security Assessment

Our review of the infrastructure on your network goes beyond a review of IT general controls in the environment, to providing a more detailed assessment of the configuration and security controls within your key network devices (firewall, router, SIEM, IDS/IPS, etc.), databases, operating systems, etc. that provide the platform your mission-critical and business applications run on.

IT Regulatory Compliance and Readiness Assessment

We provide readiness assessment services and evaluation of your cyber security programs against requirements outlined by various regulations and industry standards such as NYDFS, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, and more. At the completion of the assessment, our consultants will provide a written report outlining the current state evaluation and improvement opportunities.

Vulnerability Assessment

Organizations often choose to identify the vulnerabilities on their network without exploiting them through a penetration testing exercise. If this is what your organization needs, then our vulnerability assessment service is just right for you.
By utilizing several industry-certified tools, techniques, and reviews of system configuration, we identify vulnerabilities on your network that can be exploited by attackers to penetrate your network. These potential security issues are categorized using a risk ranking approach, and, recommendations on how to remediate them are provided.
Vulnerability assessments are a good way to provide “early warning” signals about weaknesses within your network so that you can take action by fixing them before the adversary leverages them to gain unauthorized access to your crown jewels or cause disruption to your business-critical services.

Cyber Security Program Assessment

Organization’s awareness of cyber risks and threats has continued to increase in the last few years, which has consequently led to a surge in most organization’s budget for cybersecurity initiatives. Despite this, data breaches continue to occur with more sophistication and persistence.
A Cyber Risk Program is often implemented by Organizations to address the ever-growing and escalating threats from cybercrime, in- sider crime, hacktivism, espionage etc. Our Consultants will assess your cyber security program against best practices defined in the NIST Cyber Security Framework and other standards, and provide actionable recommendations to improve the overall security posture of the Organization.

IT Risk and Controls Self- Assessments (RCSA) Program Development & Maturing Assessment

A robust RCSA program can be an effective tool for estimating operational risk exposures and the effectiveness of controls in reducing identified risks to an acceptable level.

Organizations mostly financial institutions leverage RCSAs to identify, reduce and prioritize the mitigation of risk exposures within the IT organization as part of the Operational Risk Management Framework and to increasingly meet several regulatory and compliance requirements.
While RCSAs have a lot of benefits, organizations may not be able to realize the full benefits without a well designed and implemented program. Our IT Risk Consultants have hands-on experience in designing and improving your program to ensure it meets stakeholder requirements in the most effective and efficient manner.