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IT/Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, IT Regulatory Compliance Assessment, Robotic Process Automation and more to our growing customer base.

Our mission

Our Company was conceived by industry experts with decades of combined experience to partner with organizations as a trusted advisor.

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Our Key Differentiators:

Customer First principle

Competitive and Flexible pricing

Quality Engagement Deliverables

On Time Service Delivery

Facts-based Analysis

Highly experienced and skilled subject matter experts

Niche market focus with a variety of service offerings

Our subscription-based services

Our subscription-based services enables our clients to channel our consultants to support the areas of highest need within their companies based on a flexible and tiered pricing model.

In Addition

we offer the traditional pricing model based on a fixed or variable hourly cost aligned to the organization’s need.


In the last few years, the information technology and cybersecurity attack surface for organizations has increased exponentially due to explosion of digital platforms and channels for accessing data, third party service providers etc. At the same time, the sophistication, persistence and creativity of cyber attackers in compromising networks has continued to increase at an unprecedented pace, as seen with several data breaches making national and international news headlines.

Considering today’s threat landscape, a breach has already occurred or it will in the nearest future. As such, prevention-only cybersecurity focus will no longer provide the type of security protection needed to secure most network environments. Hence, the need for the establishment of controls for the continuous monitoring of your network environment.


Our IT audit professionals leverage their extensive industry experience, technical subject matter expertise and industry certifications to execute tailored IT audits prioritized by top and emerging risks facing the organization.

Our IT audit focuses on key controls around logical access, computer operations, program changes, program development (system development lifecycle), business continuity/disaster recovery, environment and physical security etc. that is expected to be established in a well secured environment.

Some of the services

we provide to assist with the improvement and enhancement of your current IT control environment and cybersecurity posture of your organization are:

IT Audit

SOX Controls Testing

Third Party Risk Assessment

Application Controls Review

ERP System Configuration or Post-Implementation Review

IT Policy and Procedures Development

Data Analytics

Regulatory Compliance and Readiness Assessment

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

IT/Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Cloud Computing Risk Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Web Application Security Assessment

Network Infrastructure Security Assessment

IT Governance

Infrastructure Security Assessment

Managed Cybersecurity Risk Advisory

IT Project Management

Web Application Development


Our Consultants can provide the needed expertise and resources to meet your SOX compliance requirements at competitive rates.

Our team can support your internal audit or control functions in an outsourced, co-sourced or customized project-specific model to perform IT or Business Process SOX controls testing during your busiest seasons of the year.


Leveraging industry standards and Frameworks, we evaluate our client’s risk and adequacy of controls with the use and adoption of cloud computing services.


We provide readiness assessment services and evaluation of your cyber security programs against requirements outlined by various regulations and industry standards such as NYDFS, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001 and more. At the completion of the assessment, our consultants will provide a written report outlining the current state evaluation and improvement opportunities.


Our review of the security configuration of your ERP Systems (SAP, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft etc.) will assist in identifying any control gaps such as excessive privileges, Segregation of duties conflicts etc.that may have been overlooked during design and implementation of the system.


Vendors continue to pose a high risk to data security and operational resilience, as such, the goal of this program is to implement or evaluate your framework around 3rd party risk identification, assessment, remediation and periodic monitoring.


The objective of an Application Controls review is to provide assurance that controls over input, processing and output functionalities within your key business-driven applications are properly configured and operating as intended.



Our team can provide the needed expertise to help you identify potential security vulnerabilities that can exploited by adversaries to gain unauthorized access to your web applications, and highlight recommendations for remediating identified gaps.


Our review of the infrastructure on your network goes beyond a review of IT general controls in the environment to provide a more detailed assessment of the configuration and security controls within your key network devices.


Organizations often choose to identify the vulnerabilities on their network without exploiting them through a penetration testing exercise. If that’s your organization’s need, then our vulnerability assessment service is just right for you.

By utilizing a number of industry certified tools, techniques, and review of system configuration, we identify vulnerabilities on your network that can be exploited by attackers to penetrate your network. 

Vulnerability assessments are a good way to provide “early warning” signals about weaknesses within your network so that you can take action by fixing.

them before the adversary leverages them to gain unauthorized access to your crowned jewels or cause disruption to your business-critical services.


Our review of the security configuration of your ERP Systems (SAP, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft etc.) will assist in identifying any control gaps such as excessive privileges, Segregation of duties conflicts etc.that may have been overlooked during design and implementation of the system.


An IT Governance assessment is designed to evaluate the strategic and operational alignment of an IT organization with its enterprise’s business strategy, in order to ensure that IT is providing the required support to meet the organization’s overall goals. Five focus areas of this review are strategic alignment, value delivery, resource management, risk management and performance measures.

We can also assist with the documentation of IT policies, standards and procedures tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization in alignment with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.



With the recent acceleration in digital transformation brought about by the pandemic, organizations are increasingly exploring the use of digital technologies and related processes to transform historically manual organizational processes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) effectively supports digital transformation by leveraging its capabilities to automate several repetitive tasks such as invoice/payment processing,

claims processing, vendor/customer onboarding etc. Our custom-made robots will execute your business processes seamlessly, efficiently, and consistently.


We provide advisory services to organizations seeking to implement a continuous controls monitoring (CCM) program in their business environments. With CCM, organizations are able to leverage data analytics to review 100% of transactional data in order to timely detect errors, non-compliant incidents and potential fraud for appropriate follow-up and remediation. CCM is often implemented by organizations that have or are aspiring to achieve an optimized internal controls environment.